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What happens once I sign up for TRIBE Membership?
You will receive additional instructions via email to fully complete your registration.


What should I do if my membership has lapsed and I want to renew?
Former/inactive members can rejoin by logging into to their account via the RBU website and updating their subscription. Many former/inactive members want to keep their years of tenure, so your member since date will not be affected with the change of your membership subscription. Each former member’s situation is different, so we offer the most flexible solution to keep you on board.


When do I receive the Tribe Member RBU Welcome Packet?
TRIBE Members who FULLY completes their registration process will receive their RBU Welcome Packet via mail. You will also receive tracking information via email once your packet has shipped.

Does my membership guarantee job placement or auditions?

RBU does not guarantee job placement nor auditions. For more information click here to read over our terms and conditions.


I'm currently a film student with a pretty tight. Am I required to meet with my mentor on certain dates/times or attend workshops/panels on certain dates/times? Or could I attend when it's most convenient for my schedule?
Currently mentors are to meet with their mentees for 1 hour every month. However, you and your mentor will coordinate schedules that fits for you both. It will be as flexible as needed.


How do I update my personal information?

  1. Log into your RBU Account.

  2. Choose ‘My Account’ from the drop-down list under your name.

  3. Then add, edit, or delete your personal information as needed.

You can also access your profile, subscriptions, orders, addresses and wallets from this page.


Who do I contact for any additional questions?
The Member Contact Center can be reached Monday to Friday from 10 AM EST to 6 PM EST by emailing

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